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This page details Books for Sale.Please contact me for full details of any item plus p&p cost.
I am not a book dealer,the items listed are from several small libraries which I am selling for myself and others for practical use by enthusiasts.
Part exchanges for interesting horological and other technical items/tools are welcome.
All the books on this site are in stock,available for inspection.

Atterbury.Discovering Britain's Lost Railways (AA) 1999.8.

Banfield. Antique Barometers.1st Edn. 1976.         5.

Barder.English Country Grandfather Clocks.1983.         30

Borer.Modern Watch Repairing and Adjusting.1942.      10.

Brackett. English Furniture Illustrated.1950.                  10.

British Clockmakers Heritage Exhibition.
         Science Museum Catalogue.1952.               SOLD.

Britten.Watch and Clockmakers Dictionary and Guide.
                            16th edn.1987.                                30.

Britten. As above but 1886 edition.                               35.

Bruton.The Long Case Clock.1964.                                 20.

Bruton.Clocks and Watches.1968.                                  12.

Bruton.The History of Clocks and Watches.1979.            12.

Bruton.Antique Clocks and Clock Collecting.1983.           5.

Bunt.Hallmarks on Gold and Silver Plate.1949.               12.

Camerer Cuss.The Country Life Book of Watches.1967.   10.

Cantrill et al.The Practical Painter and Decorator Illustrated.
          1930's.Scumbelling and painted effects.                6.

Cescinsky.The Gentle Art of Faking Furniture.1969.         35.

Cescinsky.English Domestic Clocks.1976.                        30.

Clark.Musical Boxes.A History and Appreciation.1961.     20.

Cumhail.Investing in Clocks and Watches.1970.              7.

Cunynghame.Theory and Practice of Clockmaking.
        Royal Society of Arts.Cantor Lectures.1909.           10.

Curtis ed.Clocks and Watches.Lyle Antiques Valuations.
         Identification and price guide.1988.
          Free with the book below.

Curtis ed. As above but much expanded.1993.               10.

Dawson.The Design of English Domestic Clocks 1660-1700.
             Antiquarian Horology Soc lecture 1956.              8.

de Carle. Horology.Teach Yourself series.1965.               5.

de Carle.Clocks and their Value.1969.                             5.

de Carle.Watches and their Value.1978.                          5.

de Carle. Practical Watch Repairing.1947.                       6.

                Ditto   same price.

Echeverria.Coleccionismo de Relojes Antiguos.1979.     7.                                                                              

Edwards.The Grandfather Clock.1976.                             20.

Fairclough & Wills ed.Southern Steam Locomotive Survey.
                Bullied Light Pacifics.Undated.                         6.

Fleet.  Clocks.1992.                                                         5.     

Gazeley.Watch and Clock Making and Repairing.1958.     20.

Gethin. Restoring Antique Furniture.1974.                       8.

Gould.John Harrison and his Timekeepers.1958.
        Reprint from The Mariners Mirror 1935.                   7.

Hana.  English Lantern Clocks.1977.                                15.

Hayward. Cabinet Making for Beginners.1975.                8.

Hayward.The Woodworkers Pocket Book.1992.Free with any
                      other purchase.


Hayward.Woodwork Joints.1970.                                    10.

Hayward.Staining and Polishing.1981.                             8.

Howse and Hutchinson.The Clocks & Watches of James Cook.
     1769-1969. AHS articles 1969.                                   8.

Jagger. Royal Clocks.1986.                                            20.

Jagger. Clocks.1973.                                                      7.

Jagger.The Worlds Great Clocks and Watches.1980.        15.

Judge ed.Centre,Capstan and Automatic Lathes.
               Vols 1 and 11,Caxton 1950.                          35.
Judge ed.Engineering Workshop Practice.Vol 1.
              Toolroom Practice Vol 11.Caxton 1950.       35.                                    

"Kinostan".Electric Clocks.Cassells Work Handbooks.
                                                              Undated.          8.

kochman. Gustav Becker Story.1976.                              7.

Kochman. Junghans Story.Vol 2.1976.                             7.

 LLoyd.Old Clocks.1970.                                                 10.

Lloyd. Chats on Old Clocks.1951.                                    8.

Lloyd.The Collectors Dictionary of Clocks.1964.               10.

Loomes.White Dial Clocks,the Complete Guide.1981.      15.

Loomes. The White Dial Clock.1974.                               12.

Loomes.Identifying Early Unsigned Provincial 30hr Longcase
            Clocks. BHI article 1995. Price 3.

Low.Pocket-Book for Mechanical Engineers.1919.           15.

Mallalieu ed. Popular Antiques Yearbook 1987.                5.

Marshall ed.Electric Clocks and Chimes.1976.                  10.

Masse. Chats on Old Pewter.1949.                                 8.

Maust ed. Early American Clocks vol 1.1971.                 10.

Maust ed. Early American Clocks vol 2.1973.                 10.

Maust ed. Early American Clocks vol 3.1975.                 10.
          All 3 Vols above  25.

McDonald. Long Case Clocks.1982.                                20.

Meccano Magazine,June 1938.                                       3.

Miller.Clock Guide Identification and Prices.1981.
          Mostly American,lots of pictures.NOT the other Guide .                           15.

Minter.Haynes Manual.Vauxhall Cars,(petrol).
           Astra & Belmont,Oct '84-Oct '91.Very clean copy 8.                     

NAWCC Bulletins,useful articles listed below but each bulletin
contains much more info:
            Feb 2006.German patents and Torsion Clocks.
                          History of G.Steele Tiffany clocks etc.   3.
            Oct 2004.Dutch Secret &Jefferson electric clocks.
                          Mastercrafter electric clocks 1939-1988.3.
             Dec 2000.Lux-Keebler Pendulette clocks.Part 1.
                          Article on Ato clocks.                            3.
            June 2003.Cont copies of English 18thC lever watches.
                           Ato clocks.                                         5.
            Oct 2002. Etalage & Rex Cole Mystery Clocks.
                          Ceramic Clocks,in colour                                  3.
            Oct 2000. First Japanese Chronometers.
                          German Letter Patent Clues.
                          The Poole Clock.                                 5.
            Oct 2005. 400 day/Torsion Clocks.Good article.    3.


Needham et al.Heavenly Clockwork.The great astronomical
           clocks of medieval China.2nd Edn.1986.               25.

Nicholls.  Clocks in Colour.1975.                                      8.

Oxley.Mechanical Engineering Science for Technicians.1963.
               Free with any other purchase.

Pearson.The Beauty of Clocks.1979.                               10.

Philpott. Modern Electric Clocks.1945.                        30.                                                        

 Pieces of Time. 2 Catalogues,Spring and Autumn 2001.
               Very good watch photo resource.                     6.


Player. Watch Repairing.1946.                                      12.

Rawlings.The Science of Clocks and Watches.1948.         35.

Ripper.Heat Engines.1919.                                             7.

Roberts.A Collectors Guide to Clocks.1992.                      5.

Roberts. Collecting Clocks. 2002.                                     5.

Roberts.Precision Pendulum Clocks,the beautifully illustrated
              exhibition booklet.1986.                                   25.

Robinson et al.Modern Watch Repairing and Adjusting.1933 ?

Robinson.Modern Clocks,Their Repair and Maintenance.1955.
Robinson.Modern Clocks,Design and Maintenance.1934.  10.                                                           

Savage.The Art and Antique Restorers Handbook.1954   5.

Shenton.Collectable Clocks 1840-1940.                           25.

Shugart & Engle.Complete Guide to American Watches.1982.

Smith.Clocks and Watches.1989.                                  10.

Spon's Workshop Reciepts,1924-1926,4 vols.               135.

Stokes.Beginners Guide to Power Tools.1974.                5.

Symonds.A Book of English Clocks.1950.                      3.

Symonds.Thomas Tompion his Life and Work.1969.      45.

Taylor.American Clocks in Britain,the Early Years 1842-55.
           BHI journal article featuring Jerome clocks.       3.

Thorpe. The French Marble Clock.1990.1st edn,signed by
              the author.                                                    30.

Tremayne.Everybody's Clocks.1950's ? Musical notation for
    the chimes of Palmers Green,Norwich,Canterbury and the
    usual ones.                                                             3.

Tyler.Clocks and Watches.1975.                                   12.

Tyler. The Craft of the Clockmaker.1977.                      10.

Tyler. European Clocks.1968.                                        15.

Villiard. Manual of Veneering.1975.                               8.

Ward. Science Museum Handbook of the Collections 
          Illustrating Time Measurement.
          Part 1 Historical Review.1949.                             7.

Warring.Beginners Workshop Manual.1964.
                       Free with any other purchase.

Wenham.Old Clocks for Modern Use.1951.                     10.

Wheeler. Old English Furniture.1909.                             20.

Wise.Electric Clocks.1st Edn,1948.                                 60.









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