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I hope you find my site useful and easy to browse.If not, I would genuinely appreciate your comments, hopefully constructive !Talk to me personally,or by phone or Email via the Contact Us tab,and I will do my best to help.

Before You Start.

Unlike most sites, I do not normally offer "ready to go" highly polished pieces. My aim is to offer nice things as they come to me, and then let my customers decide on how much restoration they want done. This gives the customer a good idea of the originality of the piece,plus a lot of control over the final finish result and price.

I also stock many more items than you will see on my site, so if you are looking for a particular piece, please enquire. If I don't have it, I might know someone who has!

Which item to buy?

The first rule is to pick a piece that you really like.Something that you know you can live with and enjoy. If you can walk past it in 12 months time and say "I'm really glad we bought that", then you made the right decision!

The second rule is to require of the vendor a guarantee that the piece is exactly as described, and in good working order, guaranteed for at least 12 months if you are buying it on this basis. Your rights in English law are not restricted just because the item is old.

The third rule is to buy the best that you can afford. As the years go by, allowing for fashion and market swings, your investment should be safe. Don't buy second best, you will regret it later.

Price Guides/Bands, What Does This Mean?

The Price Guides shown on my site are designed to give you an idea of what you might have to pay for the item as follows:
Bottom price; The item as seen, unrestored and collected from my shop.
Top Price; The item fully restored and guaranteed,collected from my shop.
Between the two there is usually some room for negotiation,depending on how much restoration you require me to do. Delivery/Shipping may be extra. Regardless of what you pay, I will always guarantee that the item is as I describe it.

You Have Decided on an Item.What to do next ?

Email me with the Ref No. of the piece and your nearest town or city and I will email you back with an all inclusive cost. If this is acceptable to you then contact me again, and we can progress from there.
I will reserve the item for you for a 10% deposit which must reach me in 5 working days..If this deposit is not recieved by me the item concerned may be sold elswhere,and you will owe me nothing.
If you change your mind and want your deposit back,this will refunded in full within 30 working days of the date of the deposit.Unless I hear from you during that 30 days you will lose 10% of your deposit.
Despite all that please talk to me,most hassles can be resolved in a mutually friendly way.

Trawl on down for more info: Payment,Taxes,Shipping etc.





How to buy.

Payment can be made as follows:       

  1. Cash in Pounds Sterling.Detailed reciepts will be given.
  2. Your personal UK Bank account cheque.May take 15 working days to clear. Must be in Pounds Sterling.
  3. Cleared funds cheque from your UK Bank or Building Society.
    Must be in Pounds Sterling.Clearance time as 2. above.
  4. Bank to bank direct wire transfer in Sterling.A small fee may be charged.
    This service is not immediate as the sending bank may set a validation date after transfer.
  5. We cannot accept non sterling currencies at present.
  6. Post Office facilities, Moneygram etc,please enquire.
    This the best option for non UK customers as I may be able to cover all or part of the transfer  fee.

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE UK/EU,please check your local bank transfer fees,cheque fees,import taxes etc with your bank and Customs authorities before you make any payment.These fees are beyond my control and entirely your liability.

Any Sub-Contractors Vat,if applicable,will be detailed on your reciept.

Any worries or problems, please contact me and I will try to help. Please do not send me any of your private financial details via Email, as this is not secure. Best we use the phone or post.



I use local professional shippers, known to me personally, who can deliver world wide, by sea or air, properly insured. In the UK I can deliver personally at certain times and places, or meet clients "half way",this service is offered as a possibility only, by mutual agreement with my client and may attract a fee. Contact me and I will do my best to help.  I also attend some UK Clock and Watch Fairs,see my Home Page for latest venues in London,the Midlands and the West Country.
I also use Royal Mail standard parcel service for more robust items,and have found this service reliable and inexpensive.

Recently I have found that non UK customers can use shippers/carriers in their own country to collect in the UK and deliver to them at home at competitive rates.Please enquire.



Anything Else You Need To Know?

Click on the Contact Us tab to send an Email,or telephone (UK)  01386 553423, or call my mobile 07933 16 39 98.


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